‘Secret’ Feature Can Make Your Android Faster

One of the main problems faced by any user of electronic devices is the slowness, which affects almost all models, regardless of the brand, at some point in its useful life. Fortunately, if you own an Android phone, there are ways to reduce this problem and leave your android phone faster and best performance. so, android hidden feature can make your android phone 100x Faster. this article about how to speed up your android phone without root. this feature will helps to speed up android phone performance.

Android has a Developer Mode that allows the user to access “secret” settings, intended for programmers and IT professionals. Some of these settings concern the speed of system animations, such as transitions between screens and applications.
In Developer Mode, you can increase the speed of these animations, making mobile navigation much faster. To do this, follow the steps below.
1. Open the Android Settings app;
developer mode active in android
2. Open the option “About Phone” or any equivalent term;
developer mode active in android
3. Look for “Build Number” or “Version Number” (it may change depending on the brand of your device) and tap it seven times repeatedly.
developer mode active in android
4. You will be notified of Developer Mode activation, and then just go back to the first page of the Settings app. Note that the system has gained a new option, called “Developer mode” (or “Developer options”). Touch it.
developer mode active in android
5. Look for the “animation in scale”, “transition scale” and “animation duration scale” options. By default, these settings are maintained at 1x. Just open one by one and reduce the value to 0.5x.
speed up android with developer mode
If you prefer, you can also disable the function, making navigation totally free of any animation – and also less visually pleasing. With these new scales, the transition between screens gets faster, as does the user experience.

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