EducationBest Universities and Tuition Fees in Ireland - 2024

Best Universities and Tuition Fees in Ireland – 2024

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Apart from several popular countries such as England, America, and Australia which are often the main choices for international students who want to continue their education abroad, Ireland also stands out as one of the most suitable educational destinations to consider.

The country not only offers a high-quality education system but also a conducive environment for learning. Furthermore, Ireland has gained significant recognition on the world stage not only for the quality of its education but also for the security and prosperity it offers to its population.

In fact, the country has managed to rank first as the safest and most prosperous country, making it a very attractive choice for international students looking for a study abroad experience that is not only academic but also comprehensive in terms of life experience and security. The combination of high-quality education, safety, and prosperity makes Ireland a highly recommended destination for continuing your education.

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These are the Best Universities in Ireland 2024

Reasons Why You Should Study in Ireland

  • Produces many creative and innovative graduates
  • Offers international students a visa to stay for 12 months to find work
  • "This visa allows students to stay in Ireland, work part-time and look for work that matches their degree. For Masters graduates, the government gives up to 24 months to stay and look for work,"
  • Being the only country in the European Union that speaks English
  • Connect to more than 1,800 multinational companies
  • Having an international workforce reaching 28% of the total average for European Union countries which is only 14%

Undergraduate education in Ireland takes 3-4 years, for postgraduate studies, it only lasts 1 year, and for medical programs, it takes 5 years. And while you are a student, you are allowed to work 20 hours a week, and 40 hours during semester breaks. You will also get a salary of € 12.70/hour.

Are you sure you don't want to study in Ireland?

Who doesn't want to be able to study at one of the campuses in Europe? Moreover, Ireland is one of the countries that has the highest level of safety and life expectancy in the world. Although the cost of studying in Ireland is quite high, you don't need to be discouraged. The country of Ireland also prepares several scholarships for international students such as, the Government of Ireland International Education, University College Dublin Global Excellence Scholarships, Trinity College Dublin Global Excellence Postgraduate Scholarships, and others.

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