Education6 European Scholarships Without an Interview Process, Let's Find Out!

6 European Scholarships Without an Interview Process, Let’s Find Out!

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Who always feels nervous when they want to apply for a European scholarship because they are afraid of the interview process?

In scholarship selection, usually, the interview process is the final process that will determine whether you qualify or not. Therefore, many applicants feel afraid at this stage. But don’t worry guys, because now you can apply for several European scholarships that don’t include an interview process! Come on, take a look at the lineup!

6 European Scholarships Without Interview Process

Romania Government Scholarship

The Romanian Government Scholarship Program is a golden opportunity for USA students to pursue higher education from Bachelor to Doctoral level. Registration for this program can be done in the period 16 January to 16 March 2024.

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The benefits offered by this scholarship cover various aspects that support the recipients. Apart from covering tuition fees, this scholarship also provides support for monthly living expenses, a one-year Romanian language course, accommodation and transportation. In this way, students who successfully win this scholarship can focus fully on developing their knowledge and improving their skills without having to worry about financial burdens.

In particular, the one-year Romanian language course provides scholarship recipients with the opportunity to understand and adapt to the academic and social environment in Romania. With full support from the Romanian government, students can also experience the comfort of living in this country, through the accommodation facilities provided.

Not only that, financial support for transportation is also one of the advantages of this program. Scholarship recipients can easily access various academic facilities and broaden their experience in Romania without transportation constraints.

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Eiffel Excellence Scholarship

This scholarship program for Masters – Doctoral level in France opens registration for the period 18 September to 10 January 2024.

The benefits provided by this scholarship cover several aspects that are essential to support a smooth study trip in France. Apart from the round-trip plane tickets provided, scholarship recipients will also receive financial support for living costs of IDR 20 to IDR 28 million per month. This not only provides a sense of financial security but also allows students to focus fully on developing their knowledge without excessive financial burden.

In addition, the insurance included in this scholarship package provides additional protection for students during their studies in France. This is a proactive step to ensure that students feel safe and protected while in their new environment.

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Accommodation, as one of the key elements in ensuring study comfort and success, is also included in the benefits of this scholarship. Scholarship recipients can easily focus on their academic development without having to worry about housing, thereby creating a conducive study environment.

Invest Your Talent In Italy

The Master’s study scholarship program in Italy opens the door to opportunities for students who aspire to obtain a master’s degree in a country with a rich cultural and academic heritage. Applications for this program can be made between January and March 2024, providing ample opportunity for prospective scholarship recipients to prepare their applications carefully.

The benefits provided by this scholarship cover important aspects that support the study journey of the recipients. In addition to waiving tuition fees, the program also provides Italian language training, giving students the opportunity to understand and communicate in the local language. This not only supports academic integrity, but also makes it easier to adapt to the surrounding environment.

A monthly allowance of IDR 15 million is one of the advantages of this program, providing significant financial support for students. This not only helps in covering daily living expenses but also allows scholarship recipients to focus fully on learning without being burdened by financial needs.

In addition, the program offers a valuable opportunity to undergo work practice in an Italian company. This practice not only provides hands-on experience in the world of work but also broadens students’ professional networks and enriches their understanding of the Italian industrial context.

Swedish Institute Scholarship for Global Professionals (SISGP)

The scholarship program for master’s degree studies in Sweden offers a golden opportunity for prospective students who aspire to obtain a master’s degree in the Nordic country which is known for its quality higher education system. Applications for this program will open in February 2024, giving applicants sufficient time to carefully prepare their application documents.

The benefits provided by this scholarship cover several important aspects that support successful studies in Sweden. Apart from waiving full tuition fees, this program also provides a monthly allowance that can help students cover daily living costs in Sweden, which is often one of the countries with a high standard of living.

Not only that, this scholarship also includes round-trip tickets, allowing scholarship recipients to travel comfortably between their home country and Sweden. This aspect not only creates comfort but also provides opportunities for students to explore and experience Swedish culture in more depth.

One additional advantage of this program is the health insurance provided. This not only ensures students’ physical well-being during their studies but also provides important financial protection in case of health emergencies.

VLIR UOS Scholarship

The scholarship program for Masters studies in Belgium opens the door to opportunities for those who wish to deepen their knowledge in a country with a rich academic tradition. The unique thing about this program is that registration is flexible, and prospective students can adjust their major according to their interests and skills. With enrollment that can be adjusted according to major, this program provides high flexibility for applicants to find the program of study that best suits their academic aspirations.

The benefits of this scholarship cover several aspects that are crucial in supporting scholarship recipients during their studies in Belgium. The monthly stipend provided helps students cover daily living expenses, providing the financial comfort needed to focus on learning.

In addition, this scholarship covers visa and return ticket costs, minimizing the administrative and financial burden that is often an obstacle for international students. Freedom from tuition fees is also one of the prominent aspects of this program, freeing students from the burden of tuition fees, so they can fully reap the benefits of education without financial barriers.

The health insurance included in the scholarship package adds an important layer of protection, ensuring students’ physical and mental well-being throughout their studies in Belgium. Thus, the Master’s scholarship program in Belgium not only creates extensive educational opportunities but also provides comprehensive support to ensure the success and well-being of students while in the country.

Of the 6 scholarships, which scholarship do you want to apply for?

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